A Day Trip Disc 2

by Gavintoo

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Gavintoo, Chinese Nu-jazz/electronica producer,is best known for his beautiful melody and fancy name Bai Tian Bu Liang (it means smooth daytime without dazzling beams,and most of his Chinese fans call him Uncle Bai) among electronica & hip-hop music fans in China. With wonderful and elegant music,he plant the Chinese romantic mood deep into electronica and hip-hop. With a few years of living experience in Africa, the vast africa quietly embraces his versatiling style which you can sense after digging into Gavintoo's music.

After self-releasing his first work collection Never End Never Hurt on the internet in 2008, Gavintoo astonishes the Chinese indie music circle and fans were impressed by his dream melody. Later on, he signed to a young Chinese independent label MINTELEC RECORDS and released his first single Floating In The Air Of The Moon(Nong Yue) on Chinese valentines’ day of 2009 , and this romantic work bring him more focus. In 2010,MINTELEC RECORDS released international edition of Never End Never Hurt as a 6 tracks EP, which is the first time to introduce Gavintoo to the world and more music fans from all over the world notice this great music producer from China called Gavintoo with charming works.

A DAY TRIP is Gavintoo’s debut LP, released by the young and fresh Chinese independent music label MINTELEC RECORDS. This two-disc concept album contains 5 chapters: Good morning, yesterday, Floating with light, Tea time,Street of sunset and Good evening,Mr. Miss.

Disc 1 contains Good morning, yesterday and Floating with light, delivering listeners to a fantasyland morning while floating together with the light. Featuring artists are 2 of best Chinese MCs, Mantou on Painter and J.Fever on Winter Of East & West 冬西, Germany MC Timon is also on this track presenting a conversation with J.Fever.

Disc 2 is made for the PM time, you will see the light of daydream mellows into midnight. Featuring artists are jazz vocalist Soblue, leader of electronica band Silkfloss Muxitu , folk band Torte Bus and super amazing Loco Jive.
Feel this magic trip, beautiful, warm and soft.


released January 11, 2011

Executive Producer: Tiangao Li
Produced by Gavintoo
Mastered by Wutao @ Mr.Miss Studio
Cover & Sleeve designed by Dr.D from YMT Studio



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